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Eddy on Everest

Eddy on Everest 2013

Part 2: The North Col: Redefining Old Age

Part 2: The North Col: Redefining Old Age

My name is Dawes Eddy and on May 20, 2009 I had the privilege of standing on the summit of Mt. Everest, which I climbed via the South Col Route. At age 66 I became the oldest American to reach the 29,035 ft. summit. My record was brief because 2 1/2 days later, Bill Burke of Costa Mesa, California, at age 67, also reached the summit and currently holds that record. I have dedicated my life to getting adequate exercise and eating a quality diet with the primary goal of slowing the aging process. Part of my motivation for climbing Everest was to become an example of the benefits of proper diet and exercise to people of all ages, especially the youth of America. Now, four years later, I'm ready to test myself again by climbing Mt. Everest at age 70 via the North Col. Route.

I will be leaving for Nepal and Tibet April 5, 2013 with guiding and Sherpa support being provided by Asian Trekking. I am presently seeking donations and sponsorships to help with the approximate $35,000 cost. If the publicity of my climb would help promote your business product or service, please contact me. Or, if you are willing to help this "old codger" with his goal, your donation will be much appreciated.

With my preparation, your help and support, and cooperation of Mt. Everest, I'll make the summit and get my age record back!

For more information, contact me at 1-509-535-0875 or by email at info@eddyoneverest.com.

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